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Revolutionizing Cerebral Endovascular Therapy with the World’s First Polymer Membrane-based Flow Diverter

Our flow-diversion technology is based on a microporous polymer membrane that is delivered to the lesion location using a laser cut implant-frame. The laser drilled membrane can be designed to provide a surface coverage ranging from 10% to 100%, to achieve an optimal performance. 


  • Efficient flow-diversion leading to single device treatment
  • Precise positioning with expandable balloon for less foreshortening and better flow diversion
  • Superior wall appositioning with laser-cut frame
  • Atraumatic implant surface with minimal metal interface
  • Customizable porosity with option to vary coverage along the length
  • Potential to lessen anti-platelet pharmacotherapy requirement
  • Higher coverage of aneurysm occlusion results in lower risk of late-stage aneurysm ruptures


The technology behind Merlin’s family of products is supported by a portfolio of granted patents in:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Japan


Multipurpose technology platform

For Haemorrhagic applications, the membrane provides an efficient flow-diversion while providing an atraumatic scaffold for the endothelial layer regrowth. The same membrane can also be deployed to catch and retrieve a clot in Ischemic applications.

Highly versatile and effective

  • Our devices work with all standard auxiliary devices
  • Our devices offer 50-75% coverage (vs. <30% for most others)
  • Our devices have far lesser metal content
  • Made in Singapore for the best precision and quality assurance

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